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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Blood of the Dark Moon novel has been offered a new contract!

I am VERY pleased to announce that my book, Blood of the Dark Moon, the first in the Dark Moon series, has been offered a contract with Freya's Bower.

Those of you who have been wondering when the book would be back with a publisher...well, now you know! Release date is forthcoming, but I will keep people posted.

Here's a quick blurb of my book:

    Amanda, graduate student and devoted follower of the Greek god Apollo, is intrigued when she meets Jesse, a handsome young scholar who shares her love of both the classics and the occult. He quickly sparks her interest--and ignites a dark flame of passion between them. Together, they embark on a shadowy path that leads Amanda straight into Jesse's scintillating underworld of vampires, magick, and secret societies.

    Little does Amanda know she is about to fulfill a legacy that began over thirty years ago and ended in tragedy. Can she learn the truth about who she really is in time to help those whom she has grown to care about, and truly find happiness in her new life with Jesse?

    Blood of the Dark Moon combines the classic eroticism of vampires with a touch of modern sensual romance and occult intrigue.

More information about it and upcoming works can be found here:

Thanks to all of you for your support since my previous publisher's closing. It meant (and means) a great deal to me. I am looking forward to providing my readers with more of my works to come.

Love & Magic,


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Thanks!! :D I'm very excited.

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congrats great news
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