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Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Join my new MySpace group for dark fantasy, scifi, and paranormal romance!

Open to readers and writers of similar genres! :D

Love & Magic,

Oct and Nov events now posted on site, plus updates on Dark Moon series!

Check it out:

November’s will be the one to be under high amounts of change no doubt, but do tune in to October! I have one booksigning taking place on Oct 26 in Cambridge, MA. Stop on by and get the last of the out of print copies of Blood of the Dark Moon while supplies last and before its re-release! You never know…could be worth lots of money someday. ;)

Also, Oct 1 is busy, busy, busy for me. I’ll be not on one or two but THREE loop chats throughout the day! Do stop on by any of them and find out the latest in the Dark Moon series.

I also want to give a heads-up: just about finishing editing Blood and Mint Chocolates, and Shadows of the Dark Moon is also underway. Blood and Mint Chocolates takes place in between the two books and has a few important plot details amidst lots of really sexy vampire girl action! Shadows of the Dark Moon is where the battle between the Order of the Dragon and the Rose and the Order of the Golden Cross really heats up…along with Amanda and Jesse’s relationship.

In the meantime, Blood of the Dark Moon is now in the editing stage with my editor. Once that finishes up, we’ll have some idea of its release date.

So, stay tuned, watch this space, you get the idea. ;)

Love & Magic,


Friday, September 26, 2008

Blood of the Dark Moon has been featured on Pretty/Scary!

Check it out!


Love & Magic,


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

New cover art for Blood of the Dark Moon!

Check it out! :D

Love & Magic,

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Culture, politics and the sacred feminine

As a writer, I rarely touch on political topics in my blog but would like to share the following emailing list which I joined recently:

If you're interested in promoting sacred feminine ideals in culture and politics, this is definitely the list for you. This is especially a good list for people who are concerned about women's rights issues and the upcoming election.

Love & Magic,


Calling all readers of Blood of the Dark Moon!

Who here would like to see a short story of the REAL story of how James became Janius?

In short, who here would like to read Vlad/Janius pr0n?

Anyone? :D

Love & Magic,


Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Sound off! What's the funniest dream you ever had?

I was making fun of some commercial. Something to do with “Parents, do you know what your kids are doing on the Internet?” followed by everything they could be doing.

So I started chiming in, “Do you know what your child is doing on the Internet? Writing snuff fic!” and immediately saw this angelic little blonde girl with pink ribbons in her hair, smiling innocently at the computer.

I woke up laughing hysteriously for 30 min straight.

So what’s the funniest dream you ever had? Have you ever woken yourself up laughing?

Love & Magic,


Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Calling all local artists and businesses! Here is a good promo opportunity for you. :)

Are you looking to bring some business to your shop or craft of choice? Every booksigning I do, I look for local artists who wish to promote their wares and use a donated item that they themselves made which is then given away as a prize. Gift certificates to your shop are also acceptable. :)

People are entered to win when they buy a copy of my book on CD. I usually offer 2-3 prizes per booksigning, and it helps to get some good cross-promo going.

Last booksigning I had a gorgeous framed photograph and a beautifully made beaded choker. At Mass Morgue 2008, I’d be looking for anyone local or willing to mail me an item that they wish to have entered as a prize. I also request flyers, business cards, and anything pertinent that I can put on display with your donated prize so others can see where it came from.

If you are at all interested, email me at adrianne(at)adriannebrennan(dot)com or reply to this post with your contact info.

Love & Magic,


Sunday, September 07, 2008

Booksigning @ Mass Morgue 2008 info now posted!

I just posted the flyer and press release to my website here:

Feel free to take a look! Lots of great bands and vendors are going to be there.

Love & Magic,

Friday, September 05, 2008

Come join me and the rest of IWOFA at the Haunt today!

Come join me and the rest of the Infinite Worlds of Fantasy Authors for a loop chat at the Haunt at PNR!

Love & Magic,

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

September and October events are now up at my website!

You can view them here:

Included is the information on my upcoming booksigning on Oct 26th in Cambridge, MA!

Love & Magic,


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