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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Come join me this weekend at Arisia in Cambridge, MA for panels and booksignings!

For those of you without plans this weekend, I'm going to be doing panels and a booksigning for Blood of the Dark Moon and Blood and Mint Chocolates at Arisia, a big scifi/fantasy convention in Cambridge, MA.

The convention goes from Jan 16 to the 19th.


Jan 16th:

8pm - Panel: Science Fiction is a Girl Thing Too! (William Dawes A)

Jan 17th:

11am-12pm - BOOKSIGNING (Crows Nest 1A)

4-5pm - Panel: How to Write Your Own Stories (Fast Track 1)

7-8pm - Panel: Book Publicity 101 (Crispus Attucks)

Jan 18th:

11am-12pm - Panel: Blogging for Writers (William Dawes A)

6-7pm - Panel: Secret Societies in Fiction (William Dawes B)

Jan 19th:

11am-12pm - Panel: Vampires in 21th Century Fiction (William Dawes A)

For details and information on the con itself, go here:

It is a highly recommended event to attend. I've been wanting to go for years, and now I finally have the chance!


Love & Magic,



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