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Thursday, January 31, 2008

Update on short story, plus paganism and the occult in fiction

Happily, the edits to my short story for the GLB anthology have gone off to the main editor. Yay! I should be hearing official word at some point on the whens/ifs of my story going out, and it's looking pretty good. I really want to treat everyone to lesbian vampire erotica, and the Babalon ref I suspect may be a draw as well.

I haven't seen an awful lot of references to Thelema in fiction with the exception of writers like Piers Anthony and Alan Moore. There's one other I recall, but it's all any association being bad, evil, et cetera. Sometimes I wonder if people just don't bother doing research before using a wide brush. When I talked with my reviewer, one comment he made about my book was that it was a great book written by someone who obviously was either genuinely involved in paganism and the Mysteries or by someone who did a LOT of research--and most people who attempt writing such a book wind up going Hollywood. One thing I had tried to do in my book was place real elements within a fantasy setting. People write about Christians, doctors, lawyers, and all sorts of REAL things within fantasy novel. Why should the realms of pagan religions, witchcraft, and Western Mystery trads in general be any different? In any event, I didn't want to write the next "Charmed" for magicians, and I'm glad to hear that those who have read my book thought I succeeded in avoiding just that.

In the meantime, I has chai. This is good.

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