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Friday, October 03, 2008

Blood and Mint Chocolates is now contracted with Freya's Bower!

I am pleased to announce that Blood and Mint Chocolates, a standalone short story within the Dark Moon series, has just been offered a contract with Freya’s Bower.

The story is set after Blood of the Dark Moon and just before its upcoming sequel, Shadows of the Dark Moon.

Here’s a quick blurb:

    Merideth, a vampire and librarian, spends most of her nights researching and book collecting for Clan Gladius within the Order of the Dragon and the Rose. Much to her surprise, the head of Clan Gladius unexpectedly presents her with a luxurious gift: a trip to stay at Hotel Paradisio at Crystal Island!

    The heat is on at the island resort under moonlit skies and palm trees. The tropical heat quickly transforms into a scorching hot time that will be seared into her memory forever when she runs into her long time crush, Kalia. Merideth is presented with a gift from a goddess which allows her to experience in reality what she only could before in dreams. But can their passion survive the intrigue and potential dangers that await them, or will it only last as long as her vacation?

A hot lesbian romance and occult intrigue sets the stage for the next book. The world of the Order of the Dragon and the Rose is about to change, and this story is a small sliver of what’s to come.

For more information, go here:

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