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Monday, February 04, 2008

"Oh, I'm a published author!"

There are certain moments when it really hits me: wow, I'm a published author! This has been my dream for the past two decades of my life, and it's great to finally see it fulfilled. A bit surreal, even.

One of those moments hit today when I received my first royalty check in the mail. Omgs. It never matters how much or how little that damned check is--never let anyone fool you on that one--but the fact that you got one at all along with that nifty official-looking statement.


Getting copies of my ebook on CD was equally thrilling. I think I danced around my living room with the silly thing while my cats looked upon me in confusion. "Mrr? Mrrrr?"

Then there was the moment my book first went up on the website. Wow. RELEASE DAY!! Release days are ALWAYS awesome and I look forward to my next one! (April-ish looks to be the target, more later when I have it)

Also, my first CD sale. That made me seriously squee. And on a side note, I'm glad that I made the book signing party into just that--a party. I didn't want anything formal, or to make speeches, or crap like that--just have lots of food, conversation, and good times. Just like a party. And it's my book party, so I can if I want to...nyah, nyah, nyaaahhhh. LOL

All of these little moments add up, I think. And I'm damned thankful to come this far. It just shows that if you don't give up on your dreams, you can make them happen. THAT'S real magic.


Love & Magic,


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