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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Update on Blood of the Dark Moon

I have a limited number of out-of-print copies of Blood of the Dark Moon on CD--but enough to put the offer up on my site for people who want them and don't want to wait until another publisher takes my book.

They still have the cover on them from Aphrodite's Apples--which is a gorgeous cover, btw--and every book I sell, I will autograph. If you have any requests in that regard (for gifts to friends, family, et cetera), then just let me know when you place the order.

It's $14.10 for each CD (including s/h and Paypal fees) and you can buy one here:

I'm expecting a shipment in for the book sale/signing next Saturday, Feb 23rd. If you are local, you will save money by buying them from me in person at that sale. Otherwise, you can arrange to meet me at some point and buy a copy. Just email me at adrianne (at) adriannebrennan (dot) com.

Offer lasts while supplies last.

Love & Magic,


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