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Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Fall is falling

Today I wrote a blog post which is essentially a guide to surviving the oncoming winter. Being a resident in New England, I am very aware every year from around November until March that I live in the absolutely wrong climate not just for my severe seasonal and environmental allergies, but climate as well. I don't do well in the winter, and getting by means saving up money and getting away at least once or twice to someplace warmer. When I'm there I don't rent a car, I just walk everywhere and hoard as much sunshine and natural vitamin D as I can before returning to the Cold Cruel North.

This is why I am VERY excited to announce the following: I do have a number of winter and spring releases coming up! Two are slated for February and another will be in the spring. There is a fourth whose release date is pending edits and executive decision, but I'll let people know first thing once I get the news. Here's the brief list:

    Feb 2011:
    Pisces - a f/f scifi/thriller erotic romance in the Sapphic Signs with Torquere Press
    Catch the Touch of Blue, a paranormal romance in the Dreams and Desires vol 4 anthology with Freya's Bower

    Spring 2011:
    Love Under Will, an interracial paranormal erotic romance featuring angels and fallen angels in the Mammoth Book of Hot Romance with Running Press

    The Oath, Book 4: Anointed - a paranormal/fantasy/BDSM erotica with Freya's Bower

Also in the works is Book 5 in the Oath series, the sequel to Dawn of the Seraphs and also the sequels to Blood of the Dark Moon and Blood and Mint Chocolates.

There will be no end to my being busy this coming season, and I hope to bring everyone more goodies. And with any luck...survive the cold and lack of sun. :P

Love & Magic,


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