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Friday, November 05, 2010

Projects in the works!

I always get asked the question, "What are you working on now?"

Well, here's the short list:

1) The Oath, Book 5: Union. Yes, the last book at LAST! And yes, I am thinking of penning a sequel featuring Lila and a particular character who showed up in book 3. Book 4 is on my editor's desk and details on its release forthcoming.

2) Blood and Spice, the sequel to Blood and Mint Chocolates. More adventures of Merideth and Kalia, plus the introduction of a character mentioned in Blood of the Dark Moon that had people either ranting or intensely curious. Hint: it's NOT what you're expecting. I think you'll enjoy it. :D

3) Shadows of the Dark Moon, the sequel to Blood of the Dark Moon and official Book 2 of the Dark Moon series. Really enjoy political intrigue? I'm going to delve a bit more into the Order of the Dragon and the Rose, its various clans, and a bit of background on how it started. It'll take place after Blood and Spice.

4) Legend of the Dark Moon, the prequel to the Dark Moon series. All about how the Order of the Dragon and the Rose and how its Clan Gladius began. The focus will be almost entirely on Janius/James. I won't say too much about it right now as some of it is based on some lovely spoilers for the sequels above. :)

I also have a few other stories in the works which either are stand-alones or potential starts of new series. One is a steampunk romance and the other is a dark urban fantasy erotic romance involving witches and the fae.

Having WAY too much fun, just wish my day job allowed me more time to get this all out sooner! But in the meantime, there will be four upcoming releases to enjoy. :)

Love & Magic,


Terri Talley Venters said...

I Love your blog! So many cool gadgets and graphics! I can't wait to read your stories!

Adrianne Brennan said...

Thanks Terri! :D Really glad you enjoy it. I've been bad about posting due to the holidays then an unexpected job change, but plan to be a bit more active in the future.

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