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Monday, March 17, 2008

Boston is INSANE.

I went to work this morning to see people dressed like it was a combo between Halloween and Mardi Gras--minus the flashing of tits for beads.

One gal was wearing shamrock beads however--along with a green outfit and this huge felt hat that was shaped like a beer mug with fluffy white cotton on top to resemble foam. Written on the front was "Happy St Patrick's Day."


Over here it's apparently a citywide holiday. Some businesses will actually give the employees off--others take the day off. Some people will start going in and celebrating as early as the morning hours in order to get into the pubs and whatnot.

I think they're nuts. O_O I'm horribly Irish (my mom has like four names and her maiden name is an "O'" name), Some people get REALLY into this holiday, like above and beyond the call of duty.

Of course, being vegan I didn't get corned beef and cabbage for lunch. But I had a veggie burger and a side salad with a nice pinot noir--which the waitress managed to knock over and spill all over the counter, my pants, and my scarf. Thankfully both were black. :P

And that was my St Patrick's Day. Right now I am battling massive quantities of indigestion which I can only blame on nerves, lack of sleep, and Monday, so I will be taking something strong to combat it and head to bed early.

I loves you all.

Love & Magic,


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