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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Yes Virginia, piracy hurts epubs and ebook authors.

Once again, people are yelling that we should give away our ebooks for free and let "piracy" rule, and once again I step in and point out the realities of epublishing.

I think if I had a nickel for every person who didn't understand the ebook industry or how this sort of thing affects us, I could quit my day job and being a full time writer.

Love & Magic,


Anonymous said...

yes, while far from successful I do consider myself an artist, to me all authors are. Whether its e-books, dvds or music all illegal downloads hurt the artist not the company issuing the work. It's that same dumb mindset with shoplifting. The stores DO NOT ABSORB THE LOSS. They pass it back to the consumer with higher prices.

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