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Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Blogathon begins! :D

Welcome everyone to Blogathon 2010! Blogathon is an event which I am one of many bloggers who will be blogging every half hour for 24 hours, starting at 9am EST, on behalf of a chosen charity. I am blogging on behalf of the Boston Rape Crisis Center, and if you wish to sponsor me in any dollar amount--none is too small, every bit counts!--please go here: then email me your receipt at so I can keep a running total. If you don't know what to put down for the donation, just put "Adrianne Brennan - Blogathon".

As of the time of writing this blog post, I have raised $320 towards supporting BARCC. I hope to raise even more than that by the time Blogathon is over. If the only contribution you can give is to spread the word to those who may be able to help, that would be support enough and I thank you for it.

First of all, I wish to thank each and every one of you who has commented, emailed me, passed along the news of what I am doing today, and demonstrated your support in some form or another. I can't begin to tell you how much it means to me. You are awesome, all of you.

Secondly, I want to let you know that everyone who stops by and comments on my blog posts today is entered to win a free copy of one of my books in PDF format--any of them at your choosing. Stop by here to see what ones are available and choose from your favorite genre and gender pairing of choice. In addition to "traditional" romance pairings of men and women, I also write about women who are involved with women and men involved with men. On the whole, I aim to write about people involved with people. :) In heat levels, I've written anywhere from sweet romance to erotica, but most of what I write is erotic romance.

And now to introduce myself to you all.

My name is Adrianne Brennan, and I'm a romantic dark fantasy, paranormal, and science fiction author. I have been writing since I was ten years old and got started with a science fiction comedy involving sentient vegetables in outer space for a class assignment. Writing has been my passion ever since, and at aged thirty-two I am elated to be able to do what I love and share it with everyone, even if it is not able to be my primary career at present.

Growing up I was raised on a steady diet of sci-fi and fantasy. I am a Trekkie, a Whovian, a Star Wars fan, and have read many a classic sci-fi novel. Among my favorite authors are Madeleine L'Engle, Neil Gaiman, and Phillip K. Dick. I once dreamed of being an astronomer but in reality I just wanted to travel among the stars. Being of the Challenger generation the prospect has always seemed to me to be a bit too dangerous without better technology than we have.

My day job is computer programming. While I enjoy it, it is nowhere near as much of a passion as my writing is. One day I would love to be able to have a work from home job so I can get more of my writing done. Until that day, my manuscripts come out at a much slower pace than I would like.

A few more personal details: I am vegan and have been for more than four years. I am also a foodie. My emailing list chats are known for my recipe sharing and love of wine. I also am a kitty mama of the two most adorable, sweetest kitties who may star in a children's book one day. I also work out regularly, knit, crochet, travel, partake of RPGs, and go to wine tastings. I live a full life.

There's a lot to share, and I have a lot to blog about. In addition to sharing my own excerpts, talking about the writing process, my favorite television shows, and various other topics I'll be sharing those of another author's today, a wonderful gal whose works I've loved reading. She is an example of one of the reasons why I love being an author; I've had the chance to meet so many terrific people whom I would not have met otherwise. I am blessed.

Love & Magic,


Victoryfaust said...

Good luck, and thanks for helping out a great said you would consider questions from the peanut gallery for your posts, and I wanted to toss a couple of ideas out there...if the muse strikes you on them, great, if not, no biggie.

First: what's your take on Gematria?

Second: How do you keep the Muse's interest during the rewriting process?

Keep up the good work!


Adrianne Brennan said...

Hey you! Glad you could make it to my blogathon. :D

My take on Gematria is that sometimes it can help if you want to create interesting ideas that have meaning in the art of writing. There's something to be said for comparing writing to magick; both are manifestations of your Will. I know of people who engage in the act of magickal writing and I am one of them.

As for keeping the Muse's interest, this can be no easy task. Mine doesn't like to work on single projects; it gets bored easily and wants to do many, many things. I learned this the hard way when I was working on my first novel. It wanted to work on this story, this fanfic...feed the Muse. Don't let it starve or whine. Keep it happy and do what it takes to keep your level of creativity up. I'm actually crafting another post about this right now; there is no "wrong" in the act of creation. Create, write...and worry about the details and editing process later.

I often have multiple manuscripts going on at the same time for this reason. That way when the inspiration strikes, I WRITE...and I don't wait for this manuscript to be finished or this detail to be resolved. The only time I negate this rule is for a writing deadline, and then I chomp away at the bit until I am finished. This typically means immersing myself deeply into the story, the characters...and letting them take over my brain for a while.

Thanks for the support!! :D

jellybelly82158 said...

Good luck and I think you are helping a great cause.

Adrianne Brennan said...

Thanks! I'm having a lot of fun so far and I hope people are enjoying the posts! :D

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