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Friday, July 30, 2010

Blogathon Contests! Enter to win a copy of one of my books!

I will be holding contests for the Blogathon, and here's one: every person who comments on my blog during the Blogathon will be entered a chance to win a free copy of one of my books in PDF format! Depending on how many post I may decide to have more than one winner, so post away!

More information on the Blogathon, including how to sponsor me, is here:

Proceeds are going to the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

Love & Magic,


RowenaBCherry said...

Good morning, Adrianne. What time does the 24-hour blogathon begin?

Congratulations on having raised over $280 already.

RowenaBCherry said...


May I leave a couple of comments about Network For Good, which your supporters probably would like to know in advance.

I just donated.

1. After a donor has designated an amount, the charity/fund requires at least an extra 5 percent fee.

So, if you donate $20, you will pay $21.

2. The link to PayPal does not appear to give donors the option of designating whether this is a gift or a payment for a service for which Paypal takes a fee, too.

3, Most important, the link does not automatically log you out of Paypal when/after returning you to the charity site. One must be sure to go back separately to log out.

Other than that, rather impressive!

Adrianne Brennan said...

Good morning Rowena! Thank you so much for your donation. It starts at 9am EST and continues until 9am EST on Sunday.

You're the first person to mention this, and there have been a number of donations thus far with receipts sent to me. I'm wondering if it was the method of payment you chose? I'll ask around and see what others did and see if they found the same thing you did with the percentage.

RowenaBCherry said...

Hi, Adrianne.

The receipt listed it as a "tip" for the website managing the donations, "Tip to Network for Good", not as a PayPal charge.

They ask donors to choose whether to give 15%, 10% or the mandatory minimum of 5%.

On principle, I think donors ought to know that up front. It's not so much, but it could scare some people into not donating at all, when all they need to do is adjust the amount they wish to donate and can afford to donate, knowing that at least 5% will be added on.

Adrianne Brennan said...

I'll be sure to let people know! It hasn't come up before but if you have, I'm sure others will.

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