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Saturday, July 31, 2010

Favorite paranormal/scifi/fantasy tv shows?

LOST, True Blood, Doctor Who, Torchwood, Buffy, Firefly,Star Trek, and Babylon 5 all rank among my favorite paranormal/scifi/fantasy tv shows.

What ones have you enjoyed/are enjoying lately? I've heard good things about Being Human but have yet to check it out.

Love & Magic,

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Anonymous said...

I love your choice in tv shows...... especially Buffy and Firefly; I'm a huge Joss Whedon fan! I was also into Dollhouse. Why they keep cancelling his stuff I don't know.
I was watching "V", pretty much because it has Inara (aka Morena Baccarin)in it, but I'm still more a fan of the original tv mini series/series.
I also like Heroes.

Phelan said...

Oh simply adored Torchwood. Watched the entire thing on netflix. I can't stand the gates (just had to put that out there. Haven't really seen too much that I really like lately. But maybe I will later in rerun.

Adrianne Brennan said...

I'm also a HUGE Joss Whedon fan! He's absolutely amazing. I want to toss him, RTD, J Michael Straczynski, Neil Gaiman, and JJ Abrams into a room together until they come out with something utterly orgasmic. It needs to happen. It must be done. Can someone arrange this, please?

I love Torchwood! It got progressively better as the season went on and while it took some turns I didn't entirely like, it remained good, quality programming.

Anonymous said...

Nice mix of writers, that would be something.
Interesting that JJ Arams has in his arsenal Felicity, Alias and Lost. And I really like Cloverfield.
I also forgot to include Fringe on on list of tv shows.

Adrianne Brennan said...

LOVE Lost, and am just finally getting into Fringe. I'm still making my way through season 1. :D

Ditto with Supernatural, for that matter!

Anonymous said...

I was trying to think of the name, (Supernatural) but couldn't quite get it... thanks, it was driving me nuts!

Adrianne Brennan said...

If you can get past all the people in fandom who write "Wincest" about the two main characters, it's a fantastic show. XD

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