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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Evolution and technology

I posted about my "geek toy squee" here earlier, but I never realized before how dangerous this gadget is nor why it is the number 1 bestseller at

The thing with the Kindle is the instant gratification. Whereas before you may have thought, "Ooh! I really want to read that book. I guess I'll have to go to the bookstore/library/online store." Now it's "Ooh! I really want that book! *clickclick* And it's mine!"

I stumbled upon this recently when I decided to reread the Dark Tower series by Stephen King as I haven't yet read past Wizard and Glass and wanted to finish the whole thing. Then it hit me--I could read it RIGHT NOW on my Kindle! Click, click...ooh, shiny! This is dangerous for the bookworm and perhaps rather like a dream come true. I don't have to wait to get to a bookstore or library, I don't have to wait for mail delivery. I can get my book NOW! 

How is this dangerous, you might ask? Well, eventually these books cost money, and I can definitely see how someone who may have only bought books once or twice a month--or less--can suddenly be buying a whole lot more. Especially given how fast I read.

Anyhow, just finished up book 1 of the Dark Tower series, now reading book 2. I love this series.

Love & Magic,


mshatch said...

Then I definitely can't get one - unless I want to give up eating :)

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