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Friday, March 11, 2011

Natural disasters, and praise for the Internet

I remember back when Katrina first hit New Orleans, and my scrambling to get in touch with people whom I knew lived there, many of whom have since moved some never to return, and some who plan to move back at some point. Frankly if it weren't for the Internet I never would've known what was going on, nor would I have known if any of my friends were okay. Thankfully they're all fine and have been fine since, but not everyone was so lucky.

I'm feeling that same sense of gratitude towards the Internet today, as I also have friends in Japan, which just got hit with a massive earthquake today. Tsunami warnings are in affect for Hawaii,  the west coast of the US, and various other locations, so there's concern there. We haven't heard the last of this one just yet.

Be happy for the Internet. It brings us together and makes this world a bit smaller--not to mention the peace of mind to know how people are doing.

If you've been affected by these events and/or live in these areas, please check in here. Let us know you're okay. I'm sure not everyone will have good stories to tell, but I'd rather know than not. Keep us aware. My thoughts and prayers are with you.

Edit: To send Red Cross $10 to help Japan, text 90999. I hear it doesn't work in Ireland (possibly UK as well) so I'm currently hunting down alternatives and will update when I have them. For now, visit their website at and make a donation directly. Thanks!

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