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Thursday, March 10, 2011

Health tips, anyone?

I love passing along and exchanging health tips. Here are a few from me:

1) Keeping a water bottle at my desk at work and at home. That way I can make sure I get my 10+ glasses of water daily. I used to think that I didn't do well in the mornings; I'd wake up barely able to open my eyes, dizzy, and unable to focus. Turned out I was just suffering from mild dehydration on a regular basis. So I drink more water and I'll be using in a humidifier during the winter months.

2) Always taking the stairs. You'd be amazed how much of an impact going up and down stairs during your daily commute and at work can make to your health.

3) Bag lunching it when I can, and keeping healthy snacks at work. My place has a snack system complete with cookies, chips, granola bars, candy--and none of it is particularly healthy! So I keep veggies and hummus on hand if I get hungry so I don't turn to junk food.

4) Drink green tea. Studies have shown it can help with your digestion and weight loss goals.

Those are just a few from me! Does anyone have any of their own to pass along? C'mon, don't be shy! :D

Love & Magic,


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