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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Anyone want to know whether or not you should date a witch? Or a vampire?

If this interview doesn't allow you to get to know me better...I don't know what will. LOL

Yesterday I was interviewed live on the blog talk radio show Coffee with Oly! The show has been archived, and people are free to listen to it at their leisure:

You'll get to hear me talk about the vampire genre, the care and feeding of your Muse, my opinions of both True Blood and Twilight, pagan religions represented in fiction, vampire lifestylists, the joys of juggling a day job with your writing career, why you should (or shouldn't) date a witch, and even hear me do an impromptu reading of an excerpt from Blood of the Dark Moon!

And you get to hear me laugh. A lot. I had a lot of fun on the show; Olympias is a great host and had many good questions to ask of me. :)

Love & Magic,


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