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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Memory on Record is available NOW from Freya's Bower!

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A Memory on Record - holiday short within the Dark Moon series
by Adrianne Brennan

    Winter Solstice marks the longest night of the year, a time for honoring many different holiday traditions. For vampires, observing the day when the sun shines the least is a sacred event.

    Finding Jesse, Amanda's lover and Sire, the right gift for the Winter Solstice brings her great frustration this holiday season. A treasured memory provides the ideal solution to her predicament. Despite all that has changed in her life, can she uncover a way to show him how much she cares?

“You’re crazy,” Jesse whispered in between trailing fevered kisses down Amanda's neck. “I hope we don’t get caught.”

“In Central Park past midnight?” Feeling bold due to wine and holiday spirits, she reached for the bulge in his pants. With a gentle hand she massaged his swollen member. Wow, he’s rock hard.

He uttered a low groan, his lips pressed against her neck, and Amanda smiled. They lay tucked away in trees and frozen bushes with snow falling around them, and she was doing her best to tempt him into having hot sex in the great outdoors.

Every Winter Solstice should be celebrated like this.


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