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Thursday, December 18, 2008

Oh the weather outside is frightful....

I'm awaiting a huge winter storm that's due to hit my area tomorrow. The joys of living in the New England!

Aside from shoveling, I may stay inside and make some nice mulled wine--a favorite holiday treat of mine. :)

Does anyone have any favorite foods, beverages, or traditions that they typically have during this time of year? Things which you MUST have that make the winter season good?

I hate winter, so anything I do must be absolutely fabulous to get me to have fun. LOL

Speaking of winter, I have some free holiday reads, one which is up and the other which will be up soon:

Love & Magic,


Faith said...

I like a good pumpkin pie with lots of whipped cream, but I'm a fan of dark red wine too!

Adrianne Brennan said...

I'm a fan of apple pie myself, although I also like pumpkin. And discovering soy whipped cream was one of the happiest days ever, LOL!

Red wine...mmmm...always good!

Kissa Starling said...

I bet its beautiful though! I would love to see it in the spring or winter.


Adrianne Brennan said...

The Boston area is beautiful in the fall and summer. Spring...not so much. It's cold, wet, and cloudy. Winter...when there's snow on the ground, yeah.

Janice said...

Our weather has been foggy, nasty gray, urine smelling gray stuff but this week we're had frost that finally did my tomato plants it. They weren't doing any good anyway.

We're got rain in the forecast but that's okay, my area needs all the rain it can get.

My favorite thing this time of the year is to make chicken noodle soup from stratch. Except I use noodle romi for the noodle, and add cream cheese to the bowls when I dish it out.

Its good and feeling, and it makes you warm and toasty inside.


Adrianne Brennan said...

On days like that, I just want to be indoors drinking and eating hot things. Especially soup and tea.

Lisa Griffin said...

On a cold and dreary day I like to make a pot of chili or chicken stew, along with lots of coffee. lol. I know you're vegetarian Adrianne but the meat could be ommited and still taste wonderful. *grin*

Adrianne Brennan said...

Well, vegan actually--but I know how to get "no-chicken" broth and vegetable broth. Amazing what some seasonings can do! Plus chicken is sooo easily replicated with either soy or seitan.

You just gave me a simple meal idea, and a healthy one at that--thanks! :D

Destiny Blaine said...

Merry Christmas, Adrianne.

Destiny Blaine :))

Adrianne Brennan said...

Thank you, Destiny! A happy and blessed Yule to you as well. :)

Kate Hill said...

Around this time of year I look forward to the rum balls my sister-in-law makes. I also like sugar plums and fruitcake.

Adrianne Brennan said...

I am making this delish butternut squash, sage, and cranberries baked meal. It is SO SO good and sweet enough that I can see it as a dessert.

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