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Sunday, August 01, 2010

Doctor Who themed alcoholic drink recipes for your entertainment!

Sex in the TARDIS (Tenth Doctor version):

Mix following to taste:
Godiva chocolate liquor
Bailey's mint chocolate Irish creme (vegan version: replace with additional Godiva chocolate liquor, creme de menthe, and soy milk)
chocolate syrup
milk (soy or regular)
vodka (banana flavored optional)
ice cubes
1 banana
(optional: add 99 Bananas for more kick)

Add to blender... comes out rather like a cross between a mudslide and a banana daiquiri with a kick.

Sex in the TARDIS (The Master version):
1 package hot chocolate mix
1 shot Whiskey (whichever brand you prefer, add more if you wish)
cayenne pepper
whipped cream (optional)

- Prepare hot chocolate according to directions on package.
- To your hot chocolate add Whiskey, cinnamon and pepper to taste.
- Top it off with whipped cream, if you so desire.
- Repeat as necessary;)

Sonic screwdriver:
70% Sobe orange energy drink
20% vodka (orange or banana flavored optional)
10% 99 Bananas (99 proof banana schnapps)

Laser screwdriver:
(this one is the most potent... do NOT say I didn't warn you...)
50% Sobe orange energy drink
20% Stolichnaya orange flavored vodka
20% 99 Oranges (99 proof orange schnapps)
10% After Shock cinnamon liquor

Love & Magic,

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