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Tuesday, August 03, 2010

I'VE GONE CRAZY! Internet Radio show Crazy Tuesday today from 2-4pm EST!

From 2-4pm EST today, I will be the guest host on Crazy Tuesday, an Internet Radio Show normally done by Rowena Cherry and assisted by Lillian Caudwell. However, Rowena thought I had the right level of insanity to hop on board this month, and so I hope the show meets to expectations. :D

My guest with me for the show is Rhiannon Mills, a fun and talented new writer whose recent debut Immortal Ties, a paranormal erotic romance features "blood and demons and vampires and romance". You can read more about it here.

On the show we talk about the Blogathon I recently hosted to benefit the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center, the writing craft including tips on plot, where to start, and the dreaded writer's block. We also discuss our views on Twilight, the vampire myths in fiction, and the romance genre in general.

If you're unable to listen to it when it airs, the program itself will be made available for download after the show.

You can listen to it live or download it after it's over here:

A huge thanks to Lillian for dropping by at the start of the program to chat with me about writing, and to Rowena for inviting me to drop by! :D

Love & Magic,


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