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Sunday, August 01, 2010

An hour away until the end of Blogathon...

...and I'd like people who have been on the fence to consider donating to a worthy charity, the Boston Area Rape Crisis Center.

Remember the kitties. Think of the kitties. You wouldn't want to disappoint them, would you?

Also, keep in mind your now semi-delirious author, who has been blogging nearly 24 hours straight. That's a lot of blogging!

An awful lot of blogging, brought to you by Adrianne Brennan...who is blogging about blogging, and blogging about blogging about blogging. And here we go now...blogging!

Every person who donates is entered to win a copy of one of my books in PDF format, their choice! They get another entry if they comment on one of my posts.

Lots of chances to win, a good cause...why not?

Love & Magic,

Please Note: I am blogging on behalf of the Boston Rape Crisis Center, and if you wish to sponsor me in any dollar amount--none is too small, every bit counts!--please go here: then email me your receipt at so I can keep a running total. If you don't know what to put down for the donation, just put "Adrianne Brennan - Blogathon".


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